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10 Great Bike Trails in Pittsburgh

Although Pittsburgh and southwest Pennsylvania is quite hilly, we are fortunate enough to have a number of fairly flat trails to go biking. Many of these trails are found on former train lines (rail trails), which thanks to their restricted grade makes for prime biking conditions, in great coloured cycle paths as well.

In this one, we wanted to share a few of our favorite spots to bike in and around the city. So whether you’re simply wanting to take a quick ride around the North Shore River Trail, ride the GAP, or go out for a few miles on a rail trail, this one is for you!

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Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum (spelled “aluminium” outside of the United States and Canada), is a highly recyclable metal that is widely recycled across much of the world.

Alongside glass and steel, aluminum is one of the easiest to recycle materials on the planet. According to the Aluminum Association, nearly 75 percent of all aluminum that has ever been produced is still in use to this day; with the majority of aluminum cans that you purchase in a store having already been recycled many times over, learn more about recycling from the Junk Removal In Bondi.

This isn’t to say aluminum. It takes a significant amount of energy to make virgin aluminum. Extracted and refined from mined bauxite ore, producing virgin aluminum is, in the words of Pieterjan Van Uytvanck and Uday Patel in Forbes, a “complicated, costly and energy-intensive,” process, with Van Uytvanck and Patel calculating that it takes an average of 14,000 kWh of electricity to produce just one metric tonne of aluminum.

While the environmental impact of producing aluminum may be significant, the benefits of recycling aluminum are clear. The reason why three-quarters of all aluminum that has ever been produced is still in use to this day is simple; aluminum recycling represents the circular economy at its finest. One of the most widely recycled materials in the world (and among the easiest to recycle), aluminum it is an almost perfect example of a true closed-loop circular solution.

So, what is the aluminum recycling process, and how is aluminum recycled in the first place?


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