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Wahoo Upgrades Its GPS Cycling Computer

More Accurate Data

Up until now I’ve only been using Strava/iPhone as a cycle computer, with a chest-based hrm. Importing the received data into Strava Premium+Stravistix and SportTracks has offered good data on my rides, but by adding another piece I should be able to extract more accurate data. I’ve order the Wahoo Cadence Sensor while it was on sale during Amazon Prime Day, and it should arrive by tomorrow.

I have taken several rides on a popular trail ride nearby which I intend to compare with several more rides with the addition of the cadence sensor. I’ll post side-by-side results when I’ve completed my testing.


UPDATE: Received sensor today, July 13. Will try to get a ride in Saturday and/or Sunday for a comparison ride.


Stravistix is a free analytics and monitoring utility that is somewhat comparable to TrainingPeaks, SportTracks and the like. It’s a Google Chrome Plugin that adds more data and information to your Strava data. It is recommended to have Strava Premium to get the most out of it.  While it’s not as robust as the previously mentioned tools, it’s a great addition to your Strava data.

Works with Google Chrome and Opera

Stravistix for Google Chrome

Stravistix for Opera