About Us

Who are we?

We are casual riders, weekend warriors, and commuters. We are parents and grandparents, neighbors and friends. We are business owners and industry leaders.

We are people who enjoy riding bikes, just like you.

Who Am I? (BPCycler)

I live and ride mostly in Allegany County, Western Maryland. I have a wife. I have two kids. I have a cat.

Century rides don’t appeal to me, but I love rides in the country of 10-20 miles. Some ride/train to get faster and go farther. For me It’s more about enjoying the ride and company of friends. Though I do like to compete against myself, I’m not a KOM chaser.

If it rains, or snows, or hails, or showers burning embers, I hit the gym.

My riding attire consists of sweatpants/shorts, jogging pants/shorts or something else loose and comfortable. I’m not out trying to make a fashion statement and don’t concern myself with shaving 10ths of a second off my time with wind wicking apparel.

Current ride: Trek Dual Sport 2 (2021), Color: Mulsanne Blue
Tracking: FitBit Versa 2, Strava, Wahoo TickrX
Member of VeloMonkee Cycling Team

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