How to Build Your Home Workshop

There are a few ways to build your home workshop. One is to purchase all of the tools you need at once. Most people won’t be able to do this. Another way is to purchase tools here and there as you can afford it. And a third way is to purchase the tools as you need them. However you decide to do it, here is a list of tools that will make a fairly (not fully) complete workshop. This list isn’t all possible tools, but the ones that will help you get just about any job done. Without further ado, here we go:

All sizes metric unless otherwise noted

Gear brush
Chain lube (waxless) Rock n Roll or Pro Gold
Spray lube (GT85)
Degreaser (Simple Green)
Waterproof grease
Good floor pump
Hex wrenches
Tire levers
Torque wrench, the kind that clicks (one up to 15m)
Sockets (3 to 10)
Allen wrenches that go on sockets
Dedicated chain cleaner
Open ended wrenches (7mm – 19mm)
Cone wrenches
Screw drivers of various sizes
Chain checker (Park)
Digital pressure gauge
Needle nose & regular pliers
Patch kit (glueless for tubes, glue type for tubeless)
Chain tool (dedicated one)
Chain hook (usually homemade out of a coat hanger)
Bike stand (ParkTool PCS-4)
Lock ring tool, Whip chain, Crescent wrench (For removing cassettes)
Spoke wrenches
Picks (with different kinds of tips)
Park CNW2 (For holding back of chainring bolts)
Wire cutters (Cutter that does both the inner and outer wire)
Park BBT-9 bracket tool
Truing stand
Rim wrench (For taking dings out of rim)



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