What is Cross Chaining?

I’m by no means an expert when it comes to the technical workings of bicycles, and a lot of folks are like me; you want to hop on your bike and just go. Just want everything to work. I have taken the liberty to learn some of the very basics, such as how to properly clean and lube the chain, change a flat, etc. However, when I was picking up my family’s bicycles from the shop after their yearly tune-up, I overheard a conversation of another customer with the store owner that reminded me of the same conversation I had a few years prior. The question I overheard was, “Cross chaining? What is cross chaining?”




I had never heard of it either until one year, picking my bike up from the shop, the mechanic, out of the blue, started lecturing me on All Things Bikes. Some of it went over my head, but the cross chaining thing caught my ear. The below link takes you to an article that nicely explains what it is as well as why and how to avoid it. Enjoy!



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